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Businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of Cyber Security and Information Security. Typically, they’re worried about who to turn to for support and who they can trust, they’re anxious that solutions are only available and affordable to the largest organisations and – perhaps most importantly – they’re concerned about the growing risks and threats associated with not having a robust strategy.

The Cybrarian overcomes these concerns by providing personal expertise, support and guidance to small and medium sized businesses and charities so that they have peace of mind and can concentrate resources on their core business.



Realising there may an issue is the first stage of the journey, but there is often uncertainty about the steps required to make things better and about the costs involved. Good information security need not be expensive and implementing the correct solutions can dramatically and rapidly reduce your risk.

Many firms will trade on fear, uncertainty and doubt and try to sell a magic box of tech promising complete protection, but here the Cybrarian differs. We believe that Cyber Security is first and foremost a human issue not a technological one, so we start from honest conversations to explore what will work best for each organisation.

We are not affiliated or associated with any other provider so can provide fully independent and impartial advice.

Following a free initial consultation, we offer a fixed price knowledge management and information audit to establish the critical assets that need protection. We provide a detailed plan of next steps, indicating and costing the mitigating controls and actions that will be of most benefit. People are at the heart of everything we do so we have created a structured and modularised security culture training programme to ensure that your people are properly supported to act as your first line of defence. For organisations concerned about the digital footprint of their people the Cybrarian has a complementary suite of resources designed to help.



From start-ups to large corporates, including SMEs and Charities, The Cybrarian has a range of Cyber & Information Security solutions to meet your needs. Fully customisable, our knowledge management packages are tailored to your specific needs and comprehensive support is provided as standard.

‍Knowledge Management & Information Security Audit
Ensure your business understands the information environment and protects its critical asset. Full knowledge management and information security audits are delivered by an experienced lead ISO 27001 auditor. Through rigorous analysis of your procedures and practices, we will provide you with an in-depth report on your key risks and can then advise next steps to secure your business.

Security Culture Training
‍How does your organisation share knowledge and gain competitive advantage? Everything starts from an understanding on what you already have and what you need to focus on protecting. Security culture matters and our bespoke in-house training will help get your organisation on the right track. We can help transform the way you work and improve your results by opening up the communication pathways that are vital for success.

‍OSINT Investigation
‍Should you need to verify the credentials of prospective hires or protect your staff from online predators, our investigative team can quickly drill down into the web and report back our findings. As is the case within the physical world, every activity undertaken online leaves a trace and this is referred to as your digital footprint. We have worked extensively with law enforcement and produce industry standard reports that focus on understanding digital footprints and mitigating risk. Alternatively, for those wishing to conduct this activity in-house, our structured series of OSINT investigation courses has been designed to help up-skill your people. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ZB350640) and take our responsibilities under the UK GDPR and DPA 2018 seriously, implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard any data we hold or process.



There's a human element to security and we embrace and adopt a humanist approach to all that we do. Our people-first approach differentiates us.


We scale solutions adopted by the largest organisations to small and medium businesses at affordable levels with flexible and proportional solutions.


We have got many years of accumulative knowledge and stay abreast of current and future threats and innovations.



Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) is often referred to as the CIA triad. It’s a model designed to guide policies for information security within an organisation.

In this context, confidentiality is a set of rules that restricts access to information, integrity is the guarantee that the information is safe and accurate, and availability is the assurance of reliable accessibility of information by authorised people.

It is these principles that unpin our 360° approach to working with our customers. Please click the links below if you’d like to find out more information on each important element. However, rest assured that you can leave it to us to audit your current position, define goals and objectives and scope, plan and manage the process.



I started off my career as an academic librarian many moons ago and information has been the golden thread that has connected all my subsequent roles.

I have worked in a range of customer focused information governance, representation, and cybersecurity roles building up a portfolio of skills that can help any business soar. My approach is people centred and tailored to your specific needs, so any engagement will always start with a conversation focussed on understanding the challenges you face. Any package of services delivered will then be driven by your unique requirements and based on a detailed risk assessment and analysis of your business needs.

I am a lifelong humanist and support a range of charities focused upon on ethical, rights and equalities issues.

Licenses & certifications

QA Certified Practitioner Certificate in Cloud Security

Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management

Certified Information Security Manager® (CISM)

Information Security Systems Management (ISMS)

Certificate in Information Security Management Principles

Chartered Librarian (MCLIP)



You don’t have to be alone. We love helping businesses and sharing the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated over many years in a wide range of organisations. We offer a free no-obligation discovery call where we can start to understand you, your business and your challenges and offer practical and actionable advice and proposed next steps.